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We offer free postage with all Desktop Laptop & printer installation. Saving you time and money.

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Our trained technicians will repair your Desktop or Laptop quickly & efficiently, keeping you informed all the way.

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Our technicians will frequently check and update the device at regular periods. Don't need to worry about failure issues.



AMC offers you security on all IT services such as computers, plotters, printers, laptops, etc. Under this agreement, we provide services for repair and maintenance of these devices. The duration of this contract can vary from 1 year to 3 year as per mutual consent of both the parties. You can also extend the term if you want to continue with the service. Usually, it includes service support, but if you opt for a comprehensive maintenance contract for IT support, then it will cover replacement services too at affordable price quotes.

Software Installations

Bhuvan System is a expert in handling a wide variety of software installations. we upgrade Operating System (OS), software Services also specializes in installing whole software system packages as well as Microsoft Windows programs, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Office products, anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, and a wide variety of proprietary software as well.

Virus Removal

A virus removal software helps to scan and identify any malicious content and hence removes it from the system. Antivirus software, Anti-spyware, Anti-malware programs and also an integration of all these called the Internet Security suite helps to remove and get rid of malware effectively. Your computer will be left with the latest patches, updates, and security software to help prevent future attacks, and best of all, our work is guaranteed. Bhuvan system will provide all the security related tools for your system.

Hardware Service

Whenever you need the change of configuration it's possible only at BhuvanSystem. Mostly our technicians avail with the service kit and most need equipment in the hardware problems. Maximum, we suggest regular maintenance through regular interval services and AMC plan. We have a separate Quality Control Department which tests all the Systems before its dispatch to the client. Damages causes in the hardware or software will identify by us and let you to know the problem and also you can explain the difficulty which you faced.

Data Backup & Recovery

Data backup is a process of duplicating data to allow retrieval of the duplicate set after a data loss event. Today, there are many kinds of data backup services that help enterprises and organizations ensure that data is secure and that critical information is not lost in a natural disaster, theft situation or other kind of emergency. When your hard drive crashes and can't access your data,Need not worry about it,call us we are here to help you.We have skilled and experienced technician who work on the issues to recovery data safely. Bhuvan System is One of the Best Data recovery center in Chennai.

Upgrade Existing PC

Those who have an existing PC and are looking to enhance its performance, ability or features must consider upgrading components before shelling out huge cost for an entirely new system. The demand of upgrading is that it lets you improve your system for much minimum cost. It can also save you significant time and hassle compared to the trouble of reinstalling all your software and applications on a new PC.

About Us

computer rental
computer rental
If you need computers with top performance and speed, capable of handling larger tasks, and do not require mobility, then you must get a Computer Rental and laptop rental in chennai. We can configure a solution for your temporary need, and procure computers for Computer Rental at Lowest Price in chennai with specs that are suited specifically for you & your company. If you require mobility however, we can get you top of the line desktop rental in chennai.The Bhuvan rental system is less cost and more benefits in the clients. If you are looking for computers on rental in Chennai, approach Bhuvan Systems for highly satisfying results. This can also be availed by the services of Bhuvan rentals Systems in Chennai, so that your immediate requirement is met.Read More


No, you need not to deposit any amount at the time of hiring. Only monthly maintenance charges.
No, we provide free installation and maintenance during your rental period.
We repair most faults within 1-2 days, we also offer a same-day priority service (subject to availability of parts if needed). If we need to order parts then we can normally get these next day delivery. We realise how difficult being without your computer can be and we will always try to get it back to you as quickly as possible. We don’t send anything away, all repairs are completed in our Chichester workshop or on-site.
Yes, you can hire computer/laptops for short term, long term, monthly basis, weekly basis according to your need.
Yes, we will replace the same brand system in case of repair or fault.
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Laptop rental
Laptop rental

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