Computer rental

Technology rentals are a great way to save you and your business a lot of time and money. Temporary, short-term technology rentals are the perfect solutions for your short-term needs. A lot of event professionals and business professionals are constantly going to trade shows, conventions, conferences, and seminars or hosting things like corporate training events or business meetings and all of these situations have a need for short-term technology rentals. But in order to know exactly what it means to rent technology, you need to hear about it from a professional.

Bhuvan system has been in the business of computer, technology, and Laptop rentals for over 5 years. However, even after all those years, there are still people who don’t quite understand how renting technology works and how it can save you and your business time and money. Bhuvansystem provides temporary business-to-business technology, such as computer rentals, office equipment rentals, and Laptops rentals for business events all over the Chennai.

Below you can read more about what we do and how it can benefit you!

Why Rent Computers and Laptops

Some of the most common reasons our customers rent technology are conventions, conferences, trade shows, event registration, data collection, seasonal business and short-term jobs, classroom training, travel, disaster recovery, and proof of concept projects. Some industries acquire Server rental to use as a stand-in while their hardware is being upgraded or moved. Others, like CPAs, get Printer rentals and Laptop rental for their busy tax season. But in every scenario, the short-term rental, delivery, setup, and pickup, saves businesses the time and labour of transporting and setting up their own hardware while greatly reducing the expense as compared to the cost of purchasing.

Short Term Rentals For Short-Term Needs

While there are a plethora of different reasons for our customers to rent technology all of their needs have one thing in common: They’re short-term needs. Renting technology should be like renting a car. You only rent a car for a short time, like a week or so, and renting a computer or office equipment should be the same way. If you think you may need your technology for a few months or you are trying to finance a purchase then a rental is NOT what you want. You may be interested in leasing the technology, which is something different entirely.

What Makes Bhuvansystem The Best Of The Best Of The Best?

With Bhuvansystem, you have a single point of contact for all your events and functions. Our trusted staff will listen to your needs and help you figure out the exact type of computers or laptops that will best fit your event. Even if you have little to no technical background, our staffs will be able to take you through the proper steps to figure it out. From your initial quote to the delivery and setup, all the way through to when your technology is picked up and returned you will deal with your same friendly technology rental from start to finish.

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Is your computer too slow?

This week’s blog on computer basics tells you how to ensure your PC doesn’t lag

It can be deeply frustrating to have your computer act up and slow down at the opportune moment. However, almost all of us have had to experience this at some point in our life with the computer.

While the computer will tend to slow down over a period of time, there are little things we can all do to ensure we delay the arrival of such a time.

What are they? Let’s take a look:

Update your OS and software

Yes, the process of updating the software on your computer can test your patience, but it is best for your system in the long run.

This will help protect it from virus attacks and make the applications run faster. To enable auto-update of your OS, go to the System and Security settings in the Control Panel, click on Turn automatic updating on or off and turn on the auto-update.

Delete temporary files

Most applications you use on the computer can leave behind temporary files. These files can remain in the hard drive and slow your system. To avoid this, delete all the temporary files. Press Windows+R on the keyboard and when Run opens, key in Temp and hit enter. Then, permanently delete all the files.

Back up your files in a hard disk

All the photos, word docs and presentations you make over a period of time remain in the computer. These occupy space and can slow down the system in the long run. Hence, it is advisable to periodically transfer all your files from the system to a hard disk.

Uninstall unnecessary software

Most of us tend to install software that we do not really use. Instead of keeping the software in the system, which can slow down the computer, uninstall it. It is best to uninstall all unnecessary software from the PC. To do this, go to the Control Panel, choose Programs and click on Uninstall a program . It is as simple as that.

Prevent unnecessary start ups

When you start your system for the first time, there are several programs that start running in the background without your knowledge. To prevent this, press Windows+R and in the Run tab type MSCONFIG. A startup tab will then open. Manually uncheck all the programs you don’t wish to start when you boot your computer.